Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the following. I want our time together to be intimate and fun, not about rules. For new clients, it will take you through the expectations for our time with one another.
Light screening is required and is for my safety only, your information will always remain confidential. You can complete the verification form online or provide the details via email.

My communication preference is email. Please text or call my phone number with information related to our meeting. Texts unrelated to our meeting or explicit will not be returned. For your privacy, I will not call or text you unannounced, please treat me with the same courtesy.

I answer all my own correspondence so please give me 24 hours to respond. If I do not, gently nudge me as it may have ended up in my spam folder.

Preparing for you is a ritual I love, I will be pleasant to all senses and I expect you to arrive freshly showered and breathe ready for an intimate encounter.
I prefer bitcoin, this payment method is available on my website by all clients. For returning clients that I feel comfortable with, various electronic options and credit card payments are available. Otherwise cash is required and to be given to me in an envelope, gift bag or BOOK!
I accept references from reputable providers and I am happy to provide a reference for you equal to the number of times we have met. If we meet once, I will provide one reference.